Let Girls Learn

We live in a society where women enjoy their rights to education, women are acknowledged for their accomplishments, and women are accepted as a member of the society. In fact, we often take many of these aspects as granted. However, did you know that more than 62 million girls currently do not have access to education, and millions more are struggling to keep this?

Why do these girls not have an opportunity to seek education, while we take it as granted? Obviously, economic issues take place. Their families simply can’t afford the fees or the nearest school is miles and miles away. Yet the real root cause of this crisis is about the attitude and culture of the families and communities. Many do not perceive the need of education to girls and believe that they are not worthy of it. These families may also force marriage upon teenage girls as well. It is very shocking to learn how gender discrimination still lies upon some of these girls’ lives.

Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States, aware of the girls’ education crisis mainly occurring in many developing nations, describes this as a heart-breaking loss. These girls are no less smart than any other child in the states and equally deserves education. Each of them have a mediocre dream, such as being a doctor, teacher, or engineer. Michelle also highlights how education can not only change the lives of these girls but also the prospects of the whole community and nation. For instance, educated girls tend to earn higher salaries, and sending more girls off to workplaces will boost the country’s GDP.

“We know that when we give these girls the chance to learn, they will seize it.”

-Michelle Obama-

This is why the first lady launched a program known as Let Girls Learn, a United States government initiative to ensure adolescent girls receive the education they deserve. They have been working close with countries such as Morocco to transform local high schools, provide dormitories for girls who travel long distances to attend school, and support second-chance schools for girls who were forced to drop out of school.  
Education is definitely the key to improve individuals’ lives and the societies’ economic and social development. This is also the reason why we should step up to raise awareness of the girls’ education crisis, till the day that every single girl seizes the chance of learning she deserves.  

Image source: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/michelle-obamas-let-girls-learn-intiative

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