Approaching the Chinese New Year, an Increase in Chinese Luggage

As China meets the Chinese New Year off-season, a grand total of 6 million people are planning to leave the country for international trips.

“This New Year season, 60% of all trips planned were international trips,” C Trip, a renown Chinese travel service provider stated. “According to current estimates and plans, a maximum of 6 million people will participate in international tours. This total will be the greatest ever in Chinese New Year international travels.”

According to the China National Tourist Office, there was a sum of 120 million Chinese international tourists last year. Amidst this total, 5 million 180 thousand people left the country last year. This year, there has been a 10% increase in international trips.

C Trip claims that the sudden surge in tourist numbers is a result of, “International governments’ interests in increasing Chinese tourists by handing out visas easily, as well as an expansion of new flight paths. Shops have been targeting Chinese tourists by making products cheaper for international customers.”

Taking a look at reservations for international trips, Thailand is the most popular with Japan, Korea, and Taiwan following it closely. More Chinese people have been seen in Seoul’s hotspots such as Gangnam. Most Chinese people are here for the purpose of shopping and also to receive Korea’s renowned plastic surgery.

More Chinese customers are expected to be spotted outside as the Chinese New Year holidays officially start on the 7th of February.

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