Thoughts on Sexual Harassment

This time, I’ve decided to take a break from writing about North Korea. Probably not the best time because President Trump is in Asia (dun dun dun). However, I’m writing about sexual harassment for the school newspaper, and I thought I’d use this space to organize my thoughts.

1. Corporations
What role do major corporations play in sexual harassment?
While this judgment may be extremely premature, corporations seem unable to distinguish victims from the perpetrator. I mean, what is Fox News doing to support the victims? One may have trouble answering that question, so I now ask, what is Fox News not doing to support victims? A reflection on past cases would show that they have actually supported perpetrators like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. Fox News has blackmailed through the threats of demotions and dismissal and has ultimately discouraged victims from seeking counsel. It is most imperative that corporations step up if we are to end this sexual harassment.

2. Legal, Justice System
Does the justice system adequately resolve sexual harassment complaints? No.
From police officers who decide not to refer sexual harassment complaints to officials to prosecutors who victim-blame women, the legal system is again a system that indirectly discourages women from seeking justice. RAINN suggests that people who commit sexual crimes are far less likely to get convicted than others (link here). Furthermore, it is known that many prosecutors begin with this question: “Was it consensual or regret sex?” This and other similar lines of questioning ultimately victim-blame the women.

In conclusion, corporations and justice system play extremely crucial roles in the happenings of sexual harassment. By pinpointing this cause, we hope to revolutionize, revamp, and re-engineer the current structures of these systems to further reject sexual misconduct.

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