The Catalan Crisis, A Crisis Requiring Historical Reevaluation

For this blog post, I wish to discuss the Catalan crisis, more commonly known as the independence movement in Catalonia, Spain.

These days, news and media outlets seem to focus too heavily on delivering breaking news, utilizing pathos, and ultimately click-baiting people. Let me make it clear: News requires context. Everything happening in our world happens in the flow of time. We must consider them as such elements in time, not as random events in isolation.

The Catalan crisis actually started during the times of Franco, the Spanish military dictator, near 1939. Franco called for the end of regionalism in Spain and denied Catalonia from having specifically Catalan agencies (such as the regional government). Also, the Catalan people were no longer allowed to speak Catalan, a language that is quite distinct from the rest of Spain and also from neighboring France.

These days, media outlets have focused on the recent economic recessions of Spain as the main reason for their calling of independence. Some have even gone to the extent to tsay that the main reason for independence is that Catalans are paying more money to the central government than it receives. This portrayal of Catalans as a self-serving, selfish groups of people is utterly incorrect. Thus, the conclusion, albeit slightly premature, is this: Catalans are fighting for independence of their ethnicity, one that has never been truly Spanish, and are not fighting to keep their banks and wallets full.

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