About Us


Seoul Student Policy Institute (SSPI) is a student-run nonprofit think tank that offers fellow students a platform to contribute to, share with, and learn from the global community of academics dedicated to research. We recognize that the system of policymaking is one that affects all of us; we also recognize that policymaking is a vital tool for young people to drive and initiate change. We publish blogs and policy papers on a wide range of domestic issues that directly or indirectly affect our lives as Korean citizens. We also periodically publish “features” that explore a special topic in depth. In addition to research, we frequently meet to set objectives, manage the website, discuss our progress, brainstorm new topics, and participate in our very own symposiums. A timeline of our meetings and events can be found here.

Our Mission

At SSPI, we believe in the power of research. We are proud to be an organization where students are free to delve into and explore topics of interest. At school, we are limited by the boundaries of our teachers, our assignments, and our courses. Thus, our mission is to provide an easy platform for students to engage in their own research and to publish their work in the form of papers and blogs. Through policy analysis, we hope to foster a new generation of critical thinkers and global citizens who are well-informed on society’s problems.

Blogs and Policy Papers

At SSPI, the two major forms of published content are blogs and policy papers. Blogs are categorized into two types: a current events blog or a progress blog. A current events blog is an update blog regarding a recent major event or occasion. Current events blogs are uploaded periodically, focusing on a very wide range of issues worldwide. On the other hand, a progress blog is a blog that specifically focuses on the topic that is being researched by the author. Since every member at SSPI has a specific research project, members will frequently upload blogs regarding any significant information they found regarding their research topic. Ultimately, after weeks of researching, writing, editing, and polishing, each research project will take the form of a final policy paper. Policy papers are research reports regarding specific issues/problems that are present in today’s world. They explore and shed light on such problems and recommend potential solutions that can be taken on the policy level to mitigate or even resolve them. A breakdown of a policy paper can be found here. Every member of SSPI is required to publish blogs weekly. Policy papers, on the other hand, take anywhere from one to three months to finalize.