Founders and Executives

Juhyung Park – Founder, President, Executive Director of Economic Policy

Juhyung is currently a high school senior attending Seoul International School. His primary academic interest is in economics and plans to study economics in college. Furthermore, Juhyung is an active MUN participant, a passionate Lincoln-Douglas debater, and the co-president of his school’s Habitat for Humanity club. As a student who actively engages in research, Juhyung enjoys discovering new topics to analyze and has previously written research papers on topics such as corporate social responsibility and the great depression.

Current Research Project: Tax Havens and Offshore Firms


Diana Na Kyoung Lee – Executive Director of Social Policy, Founding Member

Diana is a high school junior at Seoul International School. She is a copy editor and columnist for her school paper Tiger Times, an executive member of her school’s math and science clubs, a regular blogger, an Asian Parliamentary debater, and an aspiring interesting person. Seventeen-years-old and at the brink of the world, Diana cannot wait to grow up to be an activist for social justice after studying sociology and economics or law. She has previously written papers on the correlation between primary and secondary education and female entrepreneurship, the history of female leaders in different political systems, and the significance of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.

Current Research Project: Access to Mental Healthcare for Low Socioeconomic Status Adolescents


Andrew Ham – Executive Director of Foreign Policy, Founding Member

Andrew is a high school junior currently attending Seoul International School. His primary calling is in writing, whether it be creative or academic, but is also a passionate Lincoln-Douglas debater in his school forensics team and delegate in Model United Nations. Aside from academics, Andrew enjoys playing and listening to a variety of music and a newly-discovered love for biology and physics.

Current Research Project: Problems in U.S. Immigration Policy


Michelle Ahn – Executive Director of Features, Founding Member

Michelle is currently a high school sophomore attending Seoul International School. She is most passionate about competitive debating in many different areas such as Asian Parliamentary Debates, Model United Nations, and Mock Trial. Her primary academic interests are in history and language; English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese, being the four languages Michelle can speak in. In addition to academics, Michelle is also a strongly motivated basketball player for her school’s varsity team.

Current Research Project: