Throughout the year, we will inevitably witness rapid changes to the world we live in. From Britain’s official invocation of Article 50 to the presidency of Donald Trump to President Park Geun-hye’s departure, a wide range of events – events that we expect and those that will catch us by surprise – will define the 2017 year. Thus, we, the SSPI team, firmly believe it is in the best interest of us – not only as students but also as researchers – to document, to study, to analyze, and to evaluate such events.

Features are the primary method in which we will immortalize the defining moments of the year. Each feature will include a diverse array of editorials, analyses, different forms of media, and blogs that will attempt to explain and to evaluate the various aspects of a particular event. Though SSPI’s research mainly resides on South Korean policy, our features will transcend the boundaries of our country and observe international current events.

Here are some of our past features (in order):

Our current feature is on the Choi Soon-sil political scandal in South Korea.