February 19th, 2017 – Official February meeting of SSPI at Toz Meeting Center in Gangnam, Seoul. This meeting was the first formative Symposium hosted by the SSPI where members and executives presented and openly discussed each other’s research topics, providing feedback, insights, and new ideas. Each research topic was met with fruitful debate and constructive criticism, allowing each member to develop their research further. Furthermore, we discussed and brainstormed topic ideas for our next feature. Ultimately, we decided on the topic of air pollution and high levels of fine dust in Seoul. Finally, we set deadlines for the feature and for the next steps in the policy paper process.

January 14th, 2017 – Field trip to the weekly candlelight protest. A team of six SSPI members – a combination of both executives and members – traveled to Gwanghwamun Square to take part in the protests against the Park Geun Hye regime and with the goal of expediting the process of her departure. The team, battling extremely cold weather, held candlelights and posters to express our organization’s values of transparency and social justice against the corrupt and ethically dubious actions taken by the president, her confidante, numerous politicians, and chaebols. You can find a detailed blog about our field trip here.

January 8th, 2017 – Official January meeting of SSPI at Toz Meeting Center in Gangnam, Seoul. The newly-recruited members of SSPI met with the executives and some past members to become familiarized with the new domestic focus of the organization. Plans for a field trip to the candlelight protests (촛불집회) were discussed along with a new upcoming feature on the recent political scandal that shook the nation. New members also proclaimed their desired department, and conversed with department executives with future research projects.

December 27th, 2016 – After a short break, SSPI was back in session on December at the Tom & Toms Cafe in Apgujeong, Seoul. The executive members met to set objectives for 2017, to discuss recruiting new members, and to coordinate future deadlines and projects. After some debate, the executive team decided on a new focus for the organization in light of the recent, provocative political scandal here, in South Korea. A new organization structure was drafted, and executives discussed how to better improve and develop the organization in 2017.

September 3rd 2016 – Official September meeting of SSPI at Toz Meeting Center in Gangnam, Seoul. The entire organization met with the agenda of (1) introducing and updating new members and (2) setting deadlines for major goals and projects. Members were updated on the progress of the first series of policy papers and were introduced to the draft cycle. Furthermore, as an organization, members set important goals and deadlines regarding the upcoming social media campaign, new website improvements and ideas, and long-term projects. In addition, the Rio 2016 Feature was discussed, and members came up with ideas to improve the current feature. Lastly, the Facebook page for SSPI was officially created.

August 2016 – SSPI was incorporated and recognized as an official nonprofit organization in the United States.

August 14th 2016 – Official August meeting of SSPI at Toz Meeting Center in Gangnam, Seoul. The SSPI website was finalized. The directors sent out invites to several new members. The draft cycle and the structure of the organization was also finalized. The directors also planned the finalization of the first line of policy papers and set to publish three policy papers – one from each department – by the end of August. Furthermore, it was decided that SSPI would have its first Feature, in the upcoming weeks, regarding the Rio Olympics. Lastly, numerous deadlines and goals were set for August and September.

July 5th 2016 – Official July meeting of SSPI at Tom & Toms Cafe in Apgujeong, Seoul. Directors set deadlines and goals for the upcoming months regarding policy papers and blogs. Directors also discussed about prospective members and a potential recruitment process. More progress was made regarding the first line of policy papers.

June 11th 2016 – Second official meeting of SSPI at Toz Meeting Center in Gangnam, Seoul. Executive directors gathered to work on creating the website. A wordpress website was created for the SSPI. The basic framework of the website was made. Furthermore, directors briefly discussed the progress regarding the first line of policy papers.

June 2016 – Legal documents were filed in order to recognize SSPI as an official nonprofit organization.

May 15th 2016 – First official meeting of SSPI at Toz Meeting Center in Gangnam, Seoul. Executive directors brainstormed and discussed the topics of the first line of policy papers that were to be published. Each director gave an informal presentation on their individual preliminary research. The directors also discussed how the SSPI was to function, ideas regarding the website, and potential future events. Furthermore, after some discussion, the name was changed to “Seoul Student Policy Institute.”

March 2016 – Seoul Student Policy Institute was founded, initially under the name of “Magna Institute.”